You can do it!

By Rocio Avalos

Running in a rainy gloomy day on a 62 degree Fahrenheit weather, junior Santos Roquel was trying his hardest to qualify for the Boston Marathon on October 9, 2016. He has been dreaming of completing this dream since he was eight years old and with the help of the Beaverton Becky Fit coach he was able to run on the Portland marathon that would let him qualify for the Boston marathon if he completed the requested requirements.

Unfortunately, Roquel got a cramp 6 miles before he finished the marathon causing him to take longer than the expected, but he is still insecure of why the cramp started, “maybe I just didn’t warm up enough or the unexpected weather threw me off,” quoted Roquel. With seven months of training, four times a week he was able to end in the 247th place out of 14,000 people.


“It was an awesome experience, to be able to compete against 14,000 people and finish [in] 247th place,” stated Roquel.

Over three hours in the clock, Roquel was finally relieved to finish the marathon looking back at the other people finish. “ I was really tired since I had gotten a cramp in my leg muscle and it wasn’t easy for me to finish,” Roquel commented. With a great experience and a lot of encouragement from his peers, Roquel was really happy and motivated that anything could be possible now.

Even though Roquel did not end up qualifying for the Boston marathon because he took longer than what he was supposed to, he became a big encouragement in The Beaverton High School. Roquel showed that once you set a goal you can really accomplish it if you try your hardest and keep thinking positive through the whole process. Roquel may have not qualified to the Boston marathon this time, but he signed up for the Eugene marathon on May to continue striving for his dream and qualify for the Boston marathon.

“Hard work and dedication will end up being worth it,” commented Roquel. Photos courtesy of Liz Perez.

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