Girls’ soccer upsets second-ranked Southridge, makes it to quarterfinals

By Kimaia Gassner

Girls soccer carried their phenomenal season to the third round of state playoffs. The girls’ soccer team started their season with a undefeated pre-league play.  Still strong going into Metro League, one of the most difficult leagues in the state, Beaverton held their own and stood mid pack at 5th.

The beavers had a rather slow start to the first quarter on the 29th against North Medford.  Within minutes, North Medford pulled ahead in the first half to leave the beavers trailing 0-1.  Though they were down, the girls’ team managed to muster up fight when senior, Macey Lane scored at the end of the 2nd half.  The score, 1-1, would lead into overtime as the beavers buckled down to defeat the black tornado.  In a nail biting first half of overtime, Natalie Perkins assisted Maddie McKenna a goal with 5 minutes left in the 1st 10 minute half.  The girls’ soccer team held the physical North Medford in the second half for a 2-1 Beaverton victory.

Going into the second round of playoffs, the Beavers faced a long time rival, Southridge Skyhawks.  During the regular season, the Beavers and the Skyhawks tied their league game 0-0.  Edging for vengeance, Beaverton came out with tenacity and aggression that set pace for the rest of the game.  The Skyhawks posed a great threat standing at the #2 seed, as the underdogs, the Beavers at #15.  Playing at a disadvantage, the girls team traveled to Southridge to take on the masses.  Within the first 15 minutes of the game, the Beavers jumped out of the box and scored three times, taking the lead 3-0.  With 5 minutes left in the 1st half, the Skyhawks cut down the Beavers lead 3-1.  This set the pace for the rest of the game.  Offensively, Beaverton took the reigns and controlled the pitch. To add onto Beaverton’s 3-1 cushion lead, the Beavers scored yet another goal to and prevail against Southridge 4-1.

Defeating Southridge the previous week, the Beavers held their head high as they made their way to West Linn to play the #10 Lions.  However, success breeds complacency, and the Beavers were defeated 1-0.

Overall, the girls soccer team had a season to remember. With an undefeated preseason, a handful of seniors that drove the team to success, Beaverton is proud of how well the soccer team has done this season.

Maddie Mckenna drives her way to the goal against West Linn on November 5th. Photo courtesy of Matt Singledecker, Portland Tribune.

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