Beavers blow Jaguars out of water

By Noe Lambert

The Beaverton Swim program anchored yet another victory Thursday night, January 19, at home against Century High School. The Beavers demolished the Jaguars with a whopping final score of 115-40, their most impressive triumph of the year, despite Century’s modest group of competitors. This was Beaverton’s third win of the season out of their five total meets.

The Beaverton swimmers have been pushing themselves much harder and holding each other more accountable this year compared to previous ones, much due to the overwhelming number of club swimmers now present in their program. “Our team feels a lot more connected than it’s ever been,” said star senior and captain, Emma Rosicky, “People are pushing each other to swim harder in practices and meets, and that’s something that’s typically hard to find”.

This meet was not a huge challenge to Beaverton, so they had to focus on competing against themselves and trying to beat their personal records. They have been working diligently on maintaining stamina throughout the entire race and never slowing down. Rosicky stated, “One of the things we’ve been working on as a team is racing the whole race. I think we’ve been really catching up to that and getting better at keeping our speed up throughout the race”.

It was difficult for Beaverton to keep high energy for the full meet due to their lacking competition, but they used vigorous communication and encouragement to assist their impressive energy level. “I feel like we all swam with the same intensity as we have previous meets which is good to see. Usually, a lot of us perform better under pressure but it’s good to see us performing even when we’re just competing against each other,” claimed Gordon House, a senior swim captain.

Beaverton won nearly all the races, and the most victorious swimmers consisted mainly of seniors Emma Rosicky and Gordon House, juniors Khalil Eugenio and Van Mathias, and sophomores Lian Vanderzanden and Riley Gill. They were the majority of the champions that meet.

Vanderzanden credited their success this meet to communication and encouragement between her teammates. “Communication and motivating each other are what helped us win. We cheered each other on more and were more of a team because we knew we were ahead. It was good to have that motivation within us,” she gushed after their victory, certainly proud of her team’s accomplishment.

However, the season is not over yet, and the team will face many other talented teams. Beaverton must continue to work hard and get better is they want their season to continue to improve. Gill (who certainly lives up to his last name!) says, “It will take hard work and practice and dedication,” if the team wants to further enhance their game. Rosicky agrees and believes the key to being successful in the future is, “Just being honest and being true to your race and knowing that even if you win, there’s still more work to be done”.

The boys and girls of the Beaverton swim team huddle up to prepare for their forthcoming meet against the Century High Jaguars. Photo courtesy of Kathy Gayaldo.

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