The perks of Beaverton High School

By Alona Arneson

Heavy eyes, constant yawning, the slow slog to the school doors are all marks of a tired student. Although the absence of Mocha Rocha has caused a spiral of caffeine deprived students, there is new coffee cart filling the caffeine void. Piper’s Perks, located at the entrance of senior lot, is open from 6 am to 7:40 am and is run by Beaverton alum, Piper Humphries.

Piper’s Perks puts a sweet spin on coffee classics with drinks like the Orangesicle steamer and the chocolate salted pretzel blend, daring to transform mundane beverages like mochas and lattes to creative concoctions. Not only that, but they serve treats to start the day off right such as traditional muffins, or if you’re feeling ambitious, their coffee cones are a combination of a drink and a treat!


Piper Humphries, with her coffee cart, Piper’s Perks, a newly opened business located in the senior lot on campus.

Soon to be a staple for students, Piper’s Perks was truly created out of the blue and has a unique story for its origin. As owner Humphries puts it, “I got this espresso machine and I was like, Omigosh this stuff is so good I could sell it!’ I’m super ambitious and anybody could this and everybody can start their own business because they’re not happy in life and then through this, they can change it to make it better. That’s what I did.” Humphries provides Beaverton with an innovative way to get a caffeine fix, as well as serves as a role model for aspiring business moguls.

This pop-up coffee cart is fresh and appealing to the student body, matching the quality and imagination of their product. If you have yet to visit this establishment, be sure to try the fan favorite, the vanilla coconut coffee or the iced white mocha. Stop by, grab a muffin, try a new drink, get energized! As a community, we are enthralled with what Piper’s Perk’s will produce next.

Above, Piper Humphries serving up a smile and pep, along with customer’s coveted coffee! Photos by Lizzy Elkins.

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