The Next AP Class is in Town!

By Cruz Grover

Move over Beaver Lodge, there’s a new guy in town. And he’s got college credit to back him up. That’s right, AP Study Hall (APSL, for short) will be the newest edition to the advanced placement family. APSL is aimed towards students who are not taking a heavy course load, and need an AP class to boost their GPA. APSL will include a weekly “Organized Waiting (OW)” session, where students must test their focus by sitting still for one full hour. Students will also be subject to a pop test, in order to keep them on their feet, ready for anything.

“We chose to implement APSL into schools because of the severe lack of use of study hall.” Explained Michael McDoughnut, president of the AP College Board. McDoughnut would like to have every student on the AP level.

“What I’d like is for students to be working in every classroom. If students and teachers are not utilising their class time effectively, that’s an inefficient system. I want AP Study Hall to fix that.” McDoughnut expresses high hopes for this new AP class. When questioned about the format of the AP test, he promptly stated “The test will consist of exactly 3 parts. The first part is a section where you must finish as many career-related learning exercises as possible. The next part will be an intense study session, where students must concentrate on their work for 45 minutes. The last part, and by far the hardest, will be a one-hour sitting session.”

“AP Study Hall looks like a very promising addition to our classes” explained Principal Erwin. “I hope that it will shape, and reform the way our school is designed.”

Students working hard to complete an AP study hall assignment. Photo courtesy of the Beaverton High School Instagram page.

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