Spring Break? More like Spring broke

By Alona Arneson

While many traveled towards warmth and palm trees this spring break, some opted for a more local approach to enjoying the break. Netflix, the movies, hanging out at friend’s house although staples of the poor man’s spring break, become tired and repetitive at some point. Both homebodies for the week off, Senior Editor Lizzy Elkins and I, decided to step out of routine, and took a day trip to Seattle, with the benefit of a CityPASS.

Seattle, with its sights and foods and shops, prove to be a worthwhile experience alone, made only better by a wise purchase. The CityPASS, costing only $64 dollars each, included a visit to the Space Needle, access to the Chihuly Garden of Glass and Seattle Aquarium, a round trip on the Seattle Monorail and a ride on the Washington State Ferry. Although cheesy and cliche on some level, this package proved to be an affordable and enjoyable way of seeing the sights of the city.


An overwhelming yet mesmerizing depiction of Chihuly’s work, in a contrasting blend of colorful orbs and spears. Photo by Alona Arneson.

Out of all the places we visited, Chihuly Garden of Glass was ranked far above the rest. A decadent exhibit of the fundamentals of Chihuly’s works, exposed a commitment to human fragility and detail. Glass orbs, glass flowers, glass bowls, all varying in colors and patterns, all completely handmade. Not only is his work incomparable within the world of art, it is also paired with a fine history of cultures and modernization. The Garden of Glass is well worth the visit, with Chihuly’s manipulation of colored glass and heat.


A captivating image of the chandeliers created out of handblown glass, a showcase of some of Chihuly’s finest works. Photo by Alona Arneson. 

Comprehensively, the trip to Seattle proved to be a success, lending us unexplored experiences, whether it be in Pike Place Market or at the Space Needle. Looking at some of the prices alone, the Chihuly Garden of Glass rings in at $22, about a fourth of the cost. If we were to go to all of these places independently of the packages, the trip would’ve been less affordable.


Senior Alona Arneson imitating the famous Titanic scene on the way to Bainbridge on the Washington State Ferry. Photo by Lizzy Elkins.

Go out, see the world, learn about new places and people. It’s easy to limit yourself to the couch during spring break, whether out of laziness or lack of money, don’t do it. There are cheap and interesting ways to take advantage of the break, you just have to find them. If you ever need a place to go, an excursion to Seattle with a CityPASS is extremely recommended.

Seniors Alona Arneson and Lizzy Elkins, ending their excursion the right way, with some photos on the Washington State Ferry. Photo by Lizzy Elkins.

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