By Milcah Tefera

The countdown to prom is over, placing the Toy Story themed bash this last Saturday. Whether you waited for this moment for years or couldn’t have cared less, the BHS “#prom2k17” happened. Before the event took place and prince and princesses of prom court were elected, excitement grew for some, while prom aspects pressed the hearts of others.

Many seniors awaited this moment since the beginning of high school. Some have even looked forward to prom since middle school. Some seniors, however, were unbothered by the whole event. One of these seniors was Jono Vincent, who did not attend prom this year. Jono stated that “I could do something a lot more effective with the amount of money that it costs.”

Other seniors, like Cam Tobin, agreed with Jono’s attitude toward prom. “It’s wildly overpriced,” Tobin said. “A dance isn’t worth that much.” Tobin did, in fact, go to prombut for less than an hour.

Some seniors feel as though the experience is worth the price. When asked if she was attending prom, Anna Ricci stated: “Yes, of course. I’ve been looking forward to this moment for four years, and I just love how close the seniors get after prom.” Anna also stated that “…prom tickets are definitely fairly priced, but everything else that goes into the experience isn’t.”

Another issue that typically arises during prom season is the debate on whether or not underclassmen should attend prom. If an underclassman is asked to prom by a senior, they shouldn’t hesitate because of what class they’re in. It’s up to them whether or not they want to attend prom more than once during high school.

Tobin suggested that prom can be a significant event that someone should only attend once in their life. “For some people, part of the specialness of prom is that it happens once, so if you go as an underclassman, it takes away from the sentiment.”


Amulya Prabhala and Rankin Shum are named Queen and King of BHS’s 2017 prom. Photo courtesy of Oregon Live. 

Whether you were excited about the prom pictures and dinner, the dance itself, the moments after with friends, or didn’t go at all, prom is a pillar of the senior year experience, if not the traditional high school experience. Love it or hate it, it doesn’t matter as long as you made the decision for yourself. If you’re planning to attend another prom this season, remember to be safe, have fun, and “reach for the sky!” – Toy Story.

The World Trade Center was full of lively energy this last Saturday as prom unfolded. Photo courtesy of Oregon Live.

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