Behold the curry donut: Oyatsupan review

By Anika Matsumoto & Kimaia Gassner

Located off of Walker Road in Beaverton, Oyatsupan, a new scratch bakery is serving authentic Western Japanese fusion pastries. Oyatsupan derives from the conjunction of “Oyatsu” meaning afternoon snack and “Pan” meaning bread.


The Oyatsupan Bakery.

For a small price, customers grab a tray and fill it up by choosing from a wall of snacks. Oytsupan sells a variety of small baked goods ranging from sweet rolls to decorated pieces with fruit and chocolate.


A selection of Oyatsupan’s delicious treats.

The store is beautiful, with large windows to let natural light in and a simple white-colored aesthetic in its interior design. There is plenty of seating in the front and back of the store to accommodate customers who prefer to sit-in rather than take-out.


Curry Donut: Amazing. The curry donut is a genius idea that consists of putting curry inside a baked piece of bread. A curry calzone. The smooth curry was yummy and the crunchy bread flakes that sprinkled the soft bread created a wonderful contrasting experience. The curry pan is a 10/10 recommend a to-go snack for any place anytime. 6/5

Oyatsupan has become the cornerstone of this small community.  Though this bakery has a smaller audience than what it deserves, customers are soon regulars.


Matcha Pan: The roll is crunchy on the outside and spongy on the inside. Matcha flavor is not as strong as what you would expect from a matcha roll but the sweet flavor of the bread makes up for it. ⅗

The bakers at Oyatsupan create a variety of pastries that range from your average eclair to the curry donut. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable pastry or something extravagant, Oyatuspan displays an array of choices that everyone can choose from.



Chocolate Horn: This was a simple sweet treat. It consisted of a unicorn horn-shaped bread with a creamy chocolate filling. The chocolate was not very sweet which complimented the sweet bread. Also, extra points cause it has eyes! ⅘

Overall, the two of us will come back to try more of the different breads and fun pastries.  The ambiance of the bakery is clean, spacious, and very modern. If you’re looking to try authentic Japanese bread and other Western delicacies, Oyatsupan is worth a try!

Curry Donut. Photos by Kimaia Gassner.

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