Fresh art to embellish the walls of Beaverton this spring

By Allison Van Horn

What better way is there to spice up the halls of Beaverton High than by putting up a new mural? Answer: there is none. For the past six months, seniors Emma Rosicky and Skyler Moore worked collaboratively to craft Beaverton’s newest art addition. Their mural, titled “You’re Strong Enough to Hold it” features a stack of books (with meticulous typography), a paint can (with the fight song engraved), and a pair of hands (which support the entire structure). Notably, the books featured in the painting are required reading for most Beaverton students, with titles including 1984, Things Fall Apart, and even the AP Biology textbook.

Following a shared AP Studio Art course last year, Rosicky and Moore decided to enroll in an independent art study class together so that they could bring their mural to life. According to Moore, the mural is a visual depiction of “any typical high schooler’s growth academically and through other activities over their high school career.” Rosicky added, “I think it’s also a representation of the core values that our school represents like diversity and excellence.”

The mural is meant to inspire Beaverton students for years to come by motivating them to challenge themselves and finish all four years of high school. Through this piece of art, Rosicky and Moore hope that the student body will feel more connected to the school. With so many familiar novels in the mural, future students can relate to the high school experience of the current generation.

“You’re Strong Enough to Hold it” is set to be displayed in the stairwell located by the math hall, across from room 241. The mural is estimated to go up on the wall sometime in the spring, during Period 8 (Beaver Lodge). To celebrate the special occasion, Rosicky and Moore plan to provide sparkling cider and speak about their artwork.

“You’re Strong Enough to Hold it.” Photo by Skyler Moore.

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