Carving out a new tradition with the Red Cross

By Amanda Piril

Halloween is known to be a gory and frightful night, and for some individuals, all it takes is needles and blood to make them pass out. Some brave souls found the courage in themselves to donate blood for the Red Cross this fall.

The Red Cross blood drive has been a long-standing yearly event at Beaverton High and has always received a large crowd. Students part of the district’s health career program worked alongside Red Cross workers to draw blood.

This year, there were many students donating blood for the first time. Robert McKizzie, junior, talks about how he felt to be a donor, “[Donating was] exhilarating because it was exciting at the same time it was also kind of terrifying because I don’t get needles poked into me casually like they did it”. McKizzie had a positive experience and said he would donate again when the chance came around.

People have positive and negative opinions on the act of donating blood. Katarina Bosworth shared why she found it so important to donate, “I donated because I wanted to help someone and I thought it was the most selfless way to help someone because you’ll never know who you’re helping out”. Bosworth was also a first-time donor but reports not having the greatest experience after donating, “As soon as I was done they kicked me out and sent me on my way to class. I almost passed out”.

Other students have reported issues regarding donating that correlate with lack of organization of the event. Besides the need for an improvement in communication with donors, students at Beaverton were happy to be part of the Red Cross donations.

Yet another tradition at BHS is to take part in the annual blood drive. (Photo courtesy of @beavertonhigh Instagram). 

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