Trump’s ‘Big Button’ could be the end of it all

By Cooper Graham cooper.png

So, Trump had another controversial tweet. Big shocker. It’s not like it hasn’t happened before. His tweet on January 2nd was in response to Kim Jong Un saying that the “Nuclear button is on his desk at all times”.

Trump then proceeded to say that North Korea was a “depleted and food starved regime”, and that he also has a Nuclear button, one that is “much bigger and more powerful” and that “works”. There are so many problems and questions that have arisen because of this, and there are more to come.

The major question that has become more and more pressing is if Trump is psychologically fit enough to be president. There’s no doubt that being president is a stressful job that can fry one’s brain, but many felt that he wasn’t fit to be president in the first place because of his short temper, poor decision-making skills, and insanity.

Once his fuse is lit, there’s no putting it out. And the explosion that comes after could be what pushes us into a major conflict with other countries. One country that people are especially worried about is North Korea, led by a missile-happy Kim Jong Un. This incident has made people believe that a nuclear war is imminent.

While nuclear war is not a new issue, it seems like it may be closer than we thought. By responding to Kim Jong Un’s message, Trump has just given the ruling family exactly what they’ve wanted, and that is to be officially recognized as a nuclear nation.

Trump’s controversial tweets have not yet violated Twitter’s terms of service, and even if they had, that wouldn’t stop him from finding other outlets to voice his thoughts. Either way, Trump should not have access to social media to this extent.

His lack of filter is a liability. So he either needs to pump his brakes, or he needs to step down from his position because the size of a button is the least of our worries at the moment. And it seems like he’s unable to see this. All of this is a test of his suitability for president, and he’s on the fast track to failing it.


Even people on Twitter know what’s up. (Photo courtesy of @atomicanalysis Twitter).

2 thoughts on “Trump’s ‘Big Button’ could be the end of it all

  1. This is fake news.

    Trump is fit to be in office, especially at the psychological level. He isn’t ‘insane’. He has excellent decision-making skills, especially when it comes to the economy.

    There is no reason for Trump to step down, so stop calling for it.


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