From Seniors to Juniors: college applications

By Tatiana Garcia tatiana.png

As the school year begins to unwind, Seniors are well underway with college applications and are now making big decisions as to where they want to go next year. But as Senior begin a new chapter of their life, Juniors are just about to begin the whirlwind known as college applications and scholarships and all their deadlines.

After months in the eye of the storm, graduating Seniors have tips and tricks that’ll actually help you during these wild times:

  1. Make sure to meet ALL deadlines!—I know you’ve heard it before, but I truly mean it. You always think, “Oh yeah, I got this. This isn’t due ‘till the end of the month.” Then BAM, it’s two days past the deadline and you’re there lying in bed thinking about the what if’s while eating pizza rolls from a wine glass. Please just MEET deadlines, put a reminder on your phone, tape sticky notes across your room, or tell your mom, she won’t let you forget it. Whatever you might need, just do it.

  2. Have essays already written out. After writing essay after essay after essay for colleges and scholarships, you’ll come to the reality that most of them ask the same questions. Some of those go along the lines of; How have your life experiences inspired you to pursue a future degree? What have you contributed to your community? and Why do you want to go to college? (I can almost guarantee you’ll come across these.) If you have these essays written out beforehand, it gives you plenty of time to revise and edit it to fit whatever you’ll be applying for. By doing this, it makes it much easier when you’ve ignored five different reminders from your phone and your mom is angry and you’re trying to get everything in by the due date at midnight.

  3. Keep track of your email. More so, after applying to colleges you should check your email religiously. You do not want to miss out if your colleges send you a ‘We need you to fill out this Dependent Verification form’ or ‘There are missing pieces to your application’. This could delay admissions and then that would delay your financial aid award and if that happens you’ll find yourself on the verge of a breakdown two weeks before May 1st, National Decision Day. So just check up on it, for your own sanity.

  4. Use your resources. One easily accessible resource to all Beaverton students is the schools very own College and Career Center (CCC). There are tons and tons of different things you can be helped with in there. Another option is using online resources, like College Greenlight, to find information on your options for college and what you need to prepare for applications.

Principal Dr. Erwin speaks about events held at school such as Future Days, a day solely created to help students be prepared for life in college and become familiar with a variety of careers. “Any time a student has the opportunity to experience what might be ahead of them in the future. I think it creates even more purpose and relevant and meaning into what they’re doing right now. Here at Beaverton we strongly believe in preparing students for the future.”

Senior year can be overwhelming and stressful but it’s also really important to indulge in certain moments. It’s bittersweet to leave a place you have become so accustomed to you, but what lays ahead is the beginning of a future to make your own.

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