Library renovations bring new studying opportunities

By Kathryn Burris katie.png

Beaverton has recently begun to finish work on a new addition to the library that will hopefully allow students and teachers to collaborate and work together easier. This is a continuation of the remodel which occurred about three years ago. Hopefully, this will be a good investment and give students more space to effectively study and work together. These rooms are a part of the new nationwide push for schools and universities to incorporate collaborative learning. Many articles have been written praising these models, and Beaverton is the next school to hop on this bandwagon with our remodel.

The remodel consists of three glass-walled rooms situated to the far right of the main library doors. The walls of these rooms are glass, so students won’t feel isolated from the rest of the library as they study. These rooms come in different sizes, but, all contain a table, some chairs and at least one contains a tv. Others contain monitors for students to use to further their learning. The books that were originally located where the rooms are now will be transferred to new homes in the coming week.

As for rules within the rooms, librarians Teresa Kriel and Amanda Haselden say the normal library rules still apply within the collaboration rooms. They would like to ask students to be quiet, respectful, and please not bring food in. Even though they may seem more relaxed, they warn students snacks or lunches being eaten inside the collaboration rooms will not be tolerated. The rooms are also not soundproof, and the sound is only muddled, meaning students can’t be too loud when working together.

Some students are still skeptical of the addition. Sophomore Genevieve Brougham said, “I would maybe use them for a project or presentation for a class, but I’m really not sure how well they are going to work with day to day school work.” Freshman Elsa Heidrich echoed her response, saying “[I will use them] If I have to for class or if I’m with a different group of people and we need like, a specific space. Maybe I could see using them for studying with a group, but I don’t think I’ll use them in the near future.”

Junior Ariel Derting was a little more open to the idea of the collaboration rooms. She said she thinks “The library can get a little loud”, and she ‘might’ use the rooms for class projects.

The library collaboration rooms are set to open sometime in the next week or so, in early May. Come check them out the next time you are in the library and see for yourself Beaverton’s newest addition.

A close look at two of the new collaboration rooms. (Photo by Kathryn Burris).


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