Coach Boyer reaches 100 wins!

by Kanani Lambert

One of our very own Beaverton High School staff, coach Bob Boyer, recently won his 100th football game while coaching the Beaverton High School varsity football team. Coach Boyer attended Beaverton High School in his youth and accepted an offer return as a teacher and a coach later on. This year is his 29th of coaching varsity football and 30th of coaching track.

Boyer’s 100th successful game at Beaverton High was against West Salem on September 28th, 2018. The Beavers were ahead 28-6 in the first half, but West Salem fought back. Though competition was fierce, the Beavers came out victorious 35-33.

We asked Coach Boyer what his most memorable wins with the Beaverton High School program were, and he responded with, “Well, I would have to say that the state championship game in 99’ was a huge win, 92’ we beat west linn in the playoffs which they have, the first game of the season, crushed us so coming back, that was a huge win. Comeback win a couple years ago against Southridge, we were down 23-0 and we came back and won 26-23, and the game this year against Westview was a really good feeling.”

Players love Coach Boyer. Sophomore Gabe Sheaffer said, “Boyer is really trying to make us better people while also making you a better football player at the same time. In practice, he doesn’t miss a chance to teach us a life lesson to improve our character. I think he believes if our team has good character we will do well as far as football games go as well.”

When asked what some of the people that really inspire his coaching style were, Coach Boyer said, “I would say Faustin Riley, who was really the first head coach that I worked with here at Beaverton High School, Ron James, my high school wrestling coach…I mean, there are so many, Jim Archer, who was our track coach, who I actually first started working with, all these coaches and how they dealt with kids, and how they ran their programs, and their values have all had an effect on me and the way I coach.”

Coach Boyer receiving his award at the homecoming assembly. Photo Courtesy of Jason Sarmiento.

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