Racquetball Swinging Into The Season

by Kanani Lambert

Coming back from their very successful season last year, Beaverton high racquetball is back and ready to dominate their competition. Third year varsity coach Elizabeth Yee explained that she believed their biggest competition this season, like every other year, will be Sprague because they “have some great talent on their team.”

Everyone is getting really excited for this upcoming season. First year player, sophomore, Lexie Roper said she’s most excited “to play in ,as well as participate, in the tournaments and to spend more time with the players and coaches and get to know them better.” Similarly to Lexie, Senior Will Post said he is “looking forward to all the memories [he] is going to make at state and nationals.”

We also asked coach Yee what she thought some of their strengths and weaknesses the team would have this season, and she mentioned that one thing they had in their favor was the fact that they had great team leaders within the group. She explained how several of the older players “stepped up to lead the younger players” and how that had greatly impacted how they worked as a team. As for weaknesses, their only main disadvantage against the competition was that “[they] have a very young team this year,” but she’s confident that the youthfulness of their team this year will help them in the future seasons to come.

When given the question of how well their team is going to be this season, based off of what the have seen so far, coach Yee said that the future is looking bright for Beaverton High racquetball, she said that even their first year players “are beating players who have played for 2-3 years!” Third year coach Nathan Smith also commented on this topic and he said he was excited to see what the future had in store for them. He also mentioned that everyone is excited to play and that if “everyone continues to practice hard and play their best,” the team may even have a shot at placing in the top three at state.

Don’t forget to come out and support your BHS racquetball team, they play at various venues, so make sure to keep a look out so you can show up and cheer on your Beavs!

Atom Fjeldsted serving in his match at the Multnomah Athletic Club. (Photo Courtesy of Will Post)

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