The Beavers take on the Warriors

by Kanani Lambert

Beaverton High School wrestling faced Aloha High School on Thursday January 10th. Although the results weren’t exactly what the Beavers would have wanted, they still left the match with their heads held high, knowing they still had achieved some major accomplishments there despite the ending score.

Although not many Beaverton wrestlers won their duels against Aloha, they still put up a fight. Senior Ryan Turner pinned his opponent in under a minute, and junior Drew Field tried his hardest against Colton Fleming, a former district champion. Junior and third-year varsity wrestler Sandrey Mitberg explained, “Almost everyone on the team was able to do moves that actually helped positioning in wrestling which we haven’t been able to do before the Aloha duel.” This is a great accomplishment for the Beavers!

When given the question of what he thought could have been improved upon as a team after the meet ended, Mitberg explained that as a team they needed to “learn the mindset of wrestling,” explaining that players can’t go into a match thinking they’ll win. Too much confidence will backfire. He stated that “wrestling is by far one of the only sports that I have played, where a mindset and an attitude is the only way you will win”. He described how players have to want victory more than their opponent but also have to work hard to take them down. This ideology helped Mitberg win his duel against Caleb Soderback Jones.

Don’t forget to come out and cheer on your Beaverton High School wrestling team! They have matches on Thursdays at different locations each week. The next match is on Thursday, January 24th at Beaverton High in the main gym against Sunset High School. Come cheer on your Beavers with all your spirit!

Drew Field meeting his opponent, Colton Fleming. (Photo Courtesy of Jason Sarmiento)

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