Club appreciation & hopes

By Julia Tantare

Students want an environment where they can explore their interests and meet people with similar passions. The clubs at BHS are the perfect way to do this. There are some clubs, however, that we have yet to make that the students of our school would like to see:

  • Culinary club (a club just for cooking and eating!)

  • Netflix club (we would just get to watch tv after school; yes!)

  • Pet club (who doesn’t love to play with animals)

  • Writing club (get together with a group of people who love writing as much as you)

  • Adventure club (hiking, biking, and sightseeing)

  • Fight club (for those who just have to get that aggression out during finals week)

  • Young democrats club & young republican club (just hope that doesn’t turn into fight club)

There are also many clubs in this school that people love to go to and be a part of now. These clubs include:

  • Underground Art Club

  • Ceramics Club

  • Creative Writing Club

  • Japanese Club

  • Robotics Club

  • Science Research Team

  • Science Bowl Team

  • Slam Poetry Club

  • Programming Club

  • Carry the Cross

  • Fashion Club

  • Gardening Club

  • Gay-Straight Alliance

  • Knitting Club

  • Latino Club

  • Multicultural Student Union

  • Tabletop Games

  • Sewing Club

  • Smash Club

  • Amateur Radio Club

  • Bucky Fit

  • Ultimate Frisbee

  • Film Club

  • Veggie Club

  • MECha Club

Join the clubs Beaverton has to offer! Photo courtesy of The Wrangler.

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